digitalLEARNING is pleased to announce the School Leadership Summit 2014, New Delhi, being convened with the objective of focusing and deliberating on national concerns and challenges in diverse areas of education the conference will become a platform for those with an interest in education and digital inclusion to meet, mingle and deliberate over recent policy developments, technological advances and ground level practices.

The twenty-first century is the ‘century of knowledge’. Therefore, innovation and optimal deployment of scarce resources to make education more relevant and to achieve excellence in research become the goal of governments and education hubs across the globe. Continuing with its commitment to bring the thought leaders from across India on a platform, digitalLEARNING Magazine is organising the School leadership Summit on 8th February , 2014 at New Delhi.

The summit will be marked by conferences, exhibitions, workshops and an award ceremony. It will provide a wonderful opportunity to stakeholders in the field of education, across India, to create opportunities of progress at all levels.

Everyone wants to know how to improve their schools and school systems—but how is this best done?  In the rush to get results, too many leaders are transforming schools into little more than assembly line systems that deprive teachers of the chance to adapt instruction to their individual students’ needs and do not give students of opportunities to participate in shaping their own learning. Such systems can demonstrate short-term improvement but fail to promote innovation, thereby depriving their communities of the knowledge workers of the future.  These are the key emerging leaders who will need to know how to think for themselves in order to make their own original contributions to the social, environmental, and economic challenges of the 21st century.